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 Fabio Fields - PD application

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PostSubject: Fabio Fields - PD application   Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:59 pm


1. Personal Information

1.1. Surname: Fabio

1.2. Forename: Fields

1.3. Age: 21

1.4. Date of Birth: 20 03 1990

1.5. Ethnicity: African-American

1.6. Area of Residence: JEfferson

1.7. Gender: Male

1.8. Cellphone Number: My phone got stolen.

2. Medical Analysis

2.1. Medical Condition(s): Healthy and good.

2.2. Do you have any heart condition(s): Not at all.

2.3. Do you have Asthma or any other respiratory problem(s): No, I do not.

3. Conviction Declaration

3.1. Have you been imprisoned or incarcerated for a Criminal Offense: Never.

3.1.1. How long were you sentenced to?: Not Available

3.2. Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes I do.

4. Suitability

4.1. Why do you want to be enlisted as a Police Officer? ((MINIMUM of 100 words)):
Because,I want to put the peoples that killed my mother and my father into the prison . And when I learned how to be a cop I loved the it was so great and fun that I tought to my that if I will be cop I will never stop that. I want to keep Los Santos rules like they now. I will make the best that I can to stop trhe gun and drugs dealing, beacause no one at Los Santos need to die beacause those stuipds that killing peoples beacause they bored or some thing like that. I will do as the best I can to keep Los Santos clean city without drugs or guns

4.2. What are your career goals?((MINIMUM of 100 words)):
Have the street and city of los santos clean as possible, do my job and reach up the ranks and recieve a medal. I hope to clean out the bad guys in Los Santos.

4.3. Tell us a little about yourself ((MINIMUM of 400 words)):
My name is Fabio, And When I was five years old, my father worked at the police and he was Officer from the Second class.One time I saw his gun and tried to Hold it and he Said to me that I can't hold it because I am too young. Later when i grew up and i was 8 years old the police gave him promotion, he always used to tell us how much fun he had at work and what he at this day of work. Every time I went to sleep he was telling me a story about what he did at work. and every story was more and more dangerous then the last one. I was always afraid that something will happend to him while he on duty. Every night that he was telling me a story I tought that one day his story will be ended and he wont come back. I loved him so much and i knew he strong, and that what keeped him alive.
Every time I tried to hold his weapon he was telling me that its to dangerous and that one day I will be older and I will have a chance to work at the police and I will use the gun. When I was 10 years old my father was promoted to Sergeant. every time that he went to work he was always telling me that "now is the Sergeant rank and that everything is more dangerous then the previous times".

every day he was coming back to home in about 20:00 O'clock and one day we set on the sofa and we were waiting to him, My Family and I, Waited alot of time and he didnt came home.
when the time was like 23:00, My Mother told me that i should go to sleep and tomorrow in the morning he will come back. But when I waked up he was'nt at home. my mother told me to forget it and go to school. all the way to school I tried to forget about it but could'nt forget my dad. I was supposed to finish school at 13:45 that day. But I tought that maybe I wont see him again and it made me to be sad. I played as seek to return back to home and hope that he will be at home. When I came back to home, I opened the door and he was there, I was very happy, I called my mother to come home because he came back.
and then she arrived. When we talked with him he said that he was at very dangerous mission and the mission failed, he said there were alot of deads and he was saved by luck, he wanted to return back to the work but we told him that he dont need to come back to the work because he almost died there. He Got promotion because he wanted to return to work when he was wounded and was in critical condition. One day he had a mission to go back where he was at the last mission and attack them from the air, he went to the mission and told us that we dont have to worry, he told us that it will be air attack this time and nothing can be happen. At the end he killed the boss of the people he did the action against them but somehow they killed him . They found the all information about him, they wanted revenge so they came to my house and killed my mother, they wanted to kill me but I survived by luck and then I ran away. From that day I was waiting for the day that I will be able to join to the police to catch that criminals and put them in arrest
4.4. Additional information / Questions / Concerns:

5. References

5.1. Are you currently in employment?: Yes iam

5.2. If yes, what is your current occupation?:
Taxi driver

5.3. If you have any reference(s) from a current Officer of the LSPD, insert them here.


6. (( OOC Personal Information ))

6.1. Forename: Cengiz

6.2. Age: 17

6.3. Year of Birth: 20 03 1994

6.4. Geographical location: Denmark

6.5. Gender: Male

6.6. Timezone:

6.7. In-Game Level: 1

6.8. Do you posess any Law Enforcement Knowledge?: Yes, I learned all at the University.
I have been trained for that at the university. I know all Los Santos rules Great. I know how to keep them like they are and what Legal and illegal. I will make my best to keep the rules like they now and I wont let them changed for gang rules

6.9. Past roleplay experience: Alot

6.10. Picture of your Statistics ((/stats)): ASAP

7. (( OOC Requirements Check ))

7.1. Do you have ventrilo?: Yes

7.2. Do you have a working microphone?: No sorry.

7.3. Have you read the Los Santos Police Standard Operations Manual?

7.4. How much time do you play on the server in a week? [# of hours]: 15

7.5. Past Character Name(s) + Level(s): None

8. Declaration of Agreement
8.1. By submitting this application to the San Andreas Police Department, I, Fabio Fields, declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be performed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under consent of my own. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order.
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PostSubject: Re: Fabio Fields - PD application   Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:36 pm

This App Was (*Accepted*)

Next Step:Come to are Vent and go to the Testing Lspd Channel.. Dont pg anyone please..
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PostSubject: Re: Fabio Fields - PD application   Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:19 am

You Passed Testing (*Accepted*)

Next Step:go to Teamspeak and wait in Traing Channel Please Dont Pg
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PostSubject: Re: Fabio Fields - PD application   

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Fabio Fields - PD application
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