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 Yamato Suzuki

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PostSubject: Yamato Suzuki   Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:26 pm

It was a cold winter day in one of Japan's biggest cities, Yokohama. It was the 12th September 1985 when there was someone knocking on the front door. The old man slowly pushed himself up from the couch and walked to the door. He opened the door as his suprice, there was a baby was wrapped in silken cloth. The old man was supriced and took up the baby and examined for any notes on the baby or behind it. Finally he found a note which contained in japanese of course:

Quote :
This baby is Yamato which means "Japan" in old japanese. I have done what I've done because of the poorness on the streets and hopefully you will understand me.

//The mother

The old man was happy for a reason and went inside with the baby and told his old wife that he had found a baby. They both were happy because they have tried and tried hole time to have a baby in their ages but didn't succee, but now they have had a baby given and they threated him well.

A few years later when Yamato was six years old, he started school and he had been given the name Suzuki after his so called "parents" that had found him. Anyway, he continued as a normal kid in Japan for a few more years. His "parents" were sponsoring him for going into Harvard University when he was 18 years old and ready to go to an University. He came in with his top grades and studied a couple of things there. Lawschool was his top and best subject he ever done. He somehow liked diffrent laws in many contries and how to find bugs betwin the laws without become stopped by one. Some other subjects he was taught was how computers work and how to learn the OS in each computer. Another subject was tracing and tracking someone throught a computer and this was related to the first computer-class.

He was 23 years old when he took his diploma and his examination. The day after all parites, he had found out that his "parents" in Yokohama was dead. They had died naturally by age was what the investigation in Yokohama had told but he didn't buy it. And it was true, they had not been killed by age, someone had robbed their house and accidently had killed his "parents". He applied for a legal investigation organisation in Yokohama and worked there to find the killers. One year later he finally found them. He continued his work in Yokohama an other year, when he recived a mail from Los Santos. They offered him a job there, thought he had to write an other application there but they had ensured him that he would get the job if he only sent his application.

The story had only began...
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Yamato Suzuki
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