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 West Side Piru Bloods [UnOffical]

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Jeff Barker

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PostSubject: West Side Piru Bloods [UnOffical]   Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:30 pm

In 1997, when the West Side Piru Bloods was originally created, in the heat of the Los Angeles blood and crip gang warfare, they were first called the rollin’ 20 Bloods, by 2000, they were a large, well established blood set and one of the most powerful sets amongst all others in Los Angeles, the gang was notorious for being possibly the most dangerous gang in the whole of the USA, , the gang was rapidly growing, recruiting more and more members each day, They were the major supplier of weapons and drugs in the city, marijuana growing operations in houses and warehouses were common, the gang would use wherever they could, and in 2002 moved quickly on to the newly introduced drug, crack cocaine. The gang was making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, selling Marijuana and Crack to everyone and anyone, , with only a few obstacles in their way. One of these obstacles, were the Compton Avenue Crips, who were also a very powerful and ruthless set, but still weren’t much of a worry to a group as big as Rollin’ 20, they were involved in similar activities, but on a much smaller scale. Jeff and his brother Jerrell, at the time, were two well known and respected members of Rollin’ 20, and were prepared to die for it, although quite young at the time, they both understood what they were doing, and how best to go about doing it. Jerrell was the best and most popular Dealer in the whole of Compton, and everybody knew it, anything you wanted, Crack, meth, you went to him, he was earning up to five thousand dollars a week, but he was starting to attract a lot of attention, mainly from another seller from Compton Avenue. OShea, who was Jerrell’s brother, was high up in the Rollin’ 20’s, making most of his money from the small time hoods he was watching over. He was looked up to by many, including Jerrell, even though occasionally, OShea was sure that Jerrell was jealous of his position.

On December 3rd, 2008, around 21:00, whilst Bank was Cruising round his Neighbourhood, with 3 members of Rollin’ 20’s, he received a very distressed phone call from Jerrell, he claimed that someone was trying to break into his house, OShea tried to ask him who they were, just before the phone went dead. OShea knew this was serious, and suspected that it was Compton Avenue, trying to get Jerrell for selling on their turf, however OShea didn’t worry too much, he knew that Jerrell was more than capable of handling himself, even without his backup, so he told the other members to chill out round the hood for a bit, and drove over to Jerrell’s House. OShea slowly drove down the street where Jerrell’s house was, turning his lights and radio off and pulling up across the road, OShea turned his Engine off and looked across the road to Jerrell’s semi-detached house, the place was dead, no noise could be heard, and no one was around, OShea wondered for a second whether Jerrell was just playing a joke on him, but thought he might as well check it out nevertheless, as OShea approached Jerrell’s door, he noticed it was already slightly open, he crouched down slightly, removing his Smith and Wesson 1911 from his waistband, he slowly opened the door, sneaking into the house, but when he reached half way through the living room, he felt something very heavy hit him on the back if his head, he fell to the ground, and blacked out.

As OShea woke up and began to open his eyes slightly, he heard the words “Get up!” Being shouted to him, he had no idea what was going on, but soon woke up when he felt the heavy blow of someone’s foot to his stomach, he opened his eyes, to find himself laying down in an alley, in somewhere he had never seen before. He slowly got up and found out the man telling him to get up, who had just kicked him in his stomach with great force, was Jerrell. OShea saw the gun in Jerrell’s Hand, and the three Compton Avenue Crips behind him, who were also armed, he looked to the ground feeling ruined, and betrayed, but worst of all, as if there was now nothing for him in life, if he couldn’t trust his own Brother, he could trust no one, he questioned Jerrell as to how and why he could do this, but wasn’t given an answer, Jerrell simply raised his gun up to aim at OShea, and pulled the trigger.
After being betrayed by Jerrell, The Rollin’ 20’s fell apart, it appeared that Compton Avenue had someone on the inside, who had been plotting against them, and were now taking action. Luckily, the single bullet fired from Jerrell’s gun, didn’t kill OShea, and he woke up in hospital later to find that a loyal Rollin’ 20 member, named Zeus Williams, nicknamed Z’, had found him and brought him to the hospital, saving his life. They both knew that Jerrell would have found out he wasn’t dead , and Z’ knew he was going to be targeted soon, so the two of them found a flight to the first place they saw, and headed for a new start, in Los Santos.

When Z’ and OShea, finally arrived in Los Santos, they were quick to move in and feel at home, they found a place to stay, the El Corona, and thought that for the first time in a while, they would be safe. Sometime later, whilst getting used to Los Santos, The Two of them soon befriended two brothers Jeffrey and Sam Alfonzo, Who also had been gang members of a different blood set in Philadelphia before moving . They soon found themselves in a similar poverty ridden situation, in which their only choice was to steal and sell drugs to make money, No where would Give them a job, and so it seemed that the only choice they had was to look out for each other, selling and doing whatever they can to stay alive. They soon found themselves gaining a reputation as the “West Side Four”, people learnt of their past and they soon discovered others like themselves in the area, after some time, they all pulled together and became known, as the WestSide Piru Bloods.

Things were looking up for the WSPB, the income of drugs, money and weapons was sustainable and the gang could what they needed easily, helped by their reputation and power they were rapidly taking over the west side of Los Santos, however things were about to change, and problems were going to arise, one of these problems, a small factor that contributed towards to end of the West Side Piru, was a group of Mexicans living nearby, they had somehow gotten themselves into the centre of WSPB territory and were beginning to claim a few blocks, although this didn’t seem like anything at the time, the Mexicans were causing chaos, fast, often ganging up on individual Blood members, robbing and killing them in brutal ways. It seemed as though the WSPB were always one step behind, until the Mexicans slipped up, robbing OShea Banks himself, but making the mistake of not killing him, something they would very quickly regret, The Mexicans were traced back and the bloods started hitting back hard, first hitting their suppliers, then busting deals they heard about, followed by killings, the Mexicans weren’t going to last long and everyone knew it and the final straw was drawn when the leaders brother was kidnapped and killed, to send a message to the gang, He was caught on WSPB turf, and within ten minutes, OShea, Z’ and Camron had him in the back of a stolen black burrito, and it is rumoured that on the same night, Jeff Barker himself ended the life of Santiago Mendoza himself, which finally caused his brother, their leader, Alonso Mendoza to take a hint that it was time to move out, and they did, leaving the West Side Piru to claim back what was theirs.

To be continued.....

TOP O.G(6):
He's the king of set,he calls the shots,he runs the gang

He's in charge when Top O.G. is sleeping,he answers about drug and weapon deals.

Has earned respect and trust,now he got controll over Homie's, over Thug's and Hustla's.He gives them some work to do.

The Thug's lead organized attacks and keeps the members organized and focused. The Homie & Hustla' are both under the command of the thug

The homie that holds it down and keeps it real and been threw some drama but ain't been on the streets long enough to know how to keep it steady.

Hes new in the hood,he's known as a homie, doing every single shit for higher ranks to get his rag.

Hes unknown around the Hood,The Nigga who does all the Dirty work for the Niggas. He doesn't got any Respect on the Block.It takes a long way to get respect as an Outsider.



1.You must always obey and follow the rules of the server, Faction rules of engagement, ventrilo and forums. Failure to follow & obey those rules will cause you to be punished and/or uninvited from the faction and blacklisted permanently.
2.Do not start shit with other factions without permission from a O.G. or higher.
3.Do not pull out a gun unless you're getting shot at or a high rank told you to do so.
4.Do not RP in other areas that Idlewood, I don't want no one slipping. If you're caught in eg. you'll be uninvited from the faction immediatly, same goes for outsiders, if you really want to join the faction so bad then don't be caught slippin.
5.RP at ALL times. If you're caught using /b instead of RPing you'll be infracted.
6.Hood-RP at all times, if you don't know what to do, start something yourself. Aslong as it is Glen Park, if you're bored do not go to other neighbourhoods.
7.Melee weapons are prefered. For example, if you're robbing someone I'd rather like you to use a knife or a bat instead of a gat.
8.No spamming me on my PM's regarding the faction, getting /invited.
9.Asking for an /invite or a /rank will make your chances of getting ranked up / getting invited really tiny. Don't ask ICly neither, no one asks to get ragged up IRL, it happens with time, so be patient or find another faction. We do not want impatient Roleplayers or Triggerhappy Roleplayers.
10.Understand that this is a STRICT gang roleplay faction. You'll have to RP your way in, RP at the hood and such.
11.When I or any other high rank tell you to load up, do not hop in your own car. Wait for people to load up, if more space is needed, THEN you can go get your car.

1.Never talk to Cops or Snitch.
2.Do not attack or provoke any sets without the O.G.'s permission
3.Always carry a strap or a melee weapon.
4.Only time you shoot, if is someone's shooting at you.
5.If you don't got anything to do, sell some chronic or plant some.
Failure to follow these rules will cause you to get infracted, after several warnings you will be uninvited from the faction and blacklisted permanently.

IC Information about Joining

So nigga'.. You wanna "join" WestSide Piru Bloods?. See it ain't as easy as it may seem, you gotta show us what you able to do, do all the dirty work ya' feel me. As an outsider, you're the one who's supposed to be doing what the others aren't doing. Posting up on the corners and whatever you can come to think of.
OOC Information about Joining
If you want to join, please do not PM me about being invited, this will only extend the amount time you'll have to wait before actually being jumped in the gang. Same goes for asking ICly about getting "your rag" or getting "jumped in" that certainly won't happen if you keep bugging me about it, ICly or OOCly.
If you need our frequency please do not PM me about it, or ask me ICly. Ask one of the other ragged members, enough pressure is currently being put on me due to too many outsiders.


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West Side Piru Bloods [UnOffical]
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