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 Mike Davis National Guard Application.

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PostSubject: Mike Davis National Guard Application.   Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:55 pm

National Gaurd

So you want to join the National Gaurd well then you will have to prove yourself.

1. What is your name:

Michael C. Davis

2. When were you born:

April 14, 1987

3. Do you know the San Andreas map well:


4. How good is your driving (Good,Bad):


5. In one paragraph why would you like to join the National Gaurd:

I would like to join the national guard to preserve the peace in the state of San Andreas, also if there is no leadership position, then I would gladly fill in the position. My past experiences include; First Class Army Rangers. I went to Westpoint Community College, and I graduated at the top of my class. I soon got into politics, where my father ran for president, I was then shipped off to Iraq as a First Infantry sniper under the command of General Sheppard. I knew so many nice people, while blowing the heads off the bad ones. Another reason I would like to join the Army is because I am an excellent shot and can take down a suspect quickly. So, please think of choosing me for the job.

6. How well do you shoot:


7. Do you have a Criminal Record, if so in what:


8. If you were to incounter a man breaking into the National Gaurd offices what would you do:

Cautiously approach the man armed with my tazer, take a few moments to call for backup, then command the man to lay down on the ground with his hands spread out so I may proceed to arrest him. After arresting him, I will see if he has a license, then I'll slap some charges onto him and throw him in the brig.

9. Are you a member of the NRA:

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Mike Davis National Guard Application.
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