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 18th Street Surenos -Unofficial-

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PostSubject: 18th Street Surenos -Unofficial-    Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:50 pm

Juan Escobar was a young Hispanic kid. His life wasn't very great. He got treated like shit, And pushed around like nothing. Walking down the street Juan heard someone yell "Ese' come over here", Juan turned around and saw a man looking at him, Slowly he walked over not sure what was going to happen. The man says to Juan " What's your name amigo?". Juan said his name. Juan knew very well who this guy was. He was the jefe' of the 18th Street Surenos, One gang no one wanted to fuck with. The guy threw Juan a surenos bandanna, Saying "Your with us now.. Like it or not". Juan didn't know what to say he was shocked. He had just turned 15, And he was already an outsider to this ruthless gang. Juan sat down next to the Jefe' and watched the blacks walk past. Surenos are real nigga haters.

2 Years later Juan was still alive and one of the most feared men in Los Santos, He had impressed the Jefe' and been ranked up in the family. 18th Street Surenos began to get more ruthless and violent against innocent blacks. They were getting known for their thoughtless killings and robberies. Juan was getting known for the fact that if you got in his face, He would blow your face right off. Juan was 17 and had no fear, He was living his life with guns, drugs and whores. All Juan cared about was the Jefe' and the other sureno boys. The Jefe' gave Juan the task of teaching the outsiders on their duties. Outsiders were usually being used by the gang for their dirty work, Once the job was done they were dead unless you really impressed the Jefe.

1 year later, Juan was finally 18 and he was already the Jefe's right handman, The Jefe had alot of trust in Juan and knew he was a smart kid. Juan handled his business well and only worried about business, The Jefe also knew Juan would jump infront of a bullet for him. Juan was spending most his days selling drugs and weapons to bring a cash flow in. But yesterday he saw a nigger from some set dealing at their hood.. Juan made the nigger bite his gun as he shot a bullet straight into his mouth. Juan really lost all feeling and really didn't have any remorse on anyone. At this stage Juan just cared about killing and making Los Santos a mexican only area.

Juan just turned 21, And he now has the 18th Street Surenos all to himself. The Jefe was murdered when he turned 20 and then the surenos fell apart. Juan decided to bring back the surenos and to finish what they started and that was to wipe out all of the blacks. Juan was now the most feared man, He had done 10 months hard prison time as he was charged for the murder of The Jefe, question really is.. Did he do it?

((Juan Escobar's Prison Photo))

El Jefe' (6)
His the boss, Calls all the shots, Most respect member in the gang.

Mano Derecha (5)
He is incharge when the jefe is not around, or busy, can orginize a gang shotout and such, mostly with the jefe's approval.

Vato (4)
The Vato is the jefe's favorite holmes, he took care of jefe's shit, he did exacly what he needed to do.
The Vato is taking care of the lower ranks in the gang, teaching them gang stuff, rolling with the soldado alot and such, He take's care of the lower rank'ed gang Mostly, unless the jefe is needed to know stuff.

Soldado (3)
He know's his place in the gang, he got respect and respect others, His life is starting to be a gangster life, he teaches the lower ranks what is their place in the gang, and teaches them some respect.

Guero (2)
The Guero is the second rank in the gang, Still need's to build up the respect in the gang,

Cholo/Outsider (1)
The first rank in the gang, need's to build up his respect and must listen to every higher rank then him.


Every Sureno is to live by these rules, or die breaking these rules.

1) Give your life to El Jefe, never question his command and always
follow his order, the 1st priority in a shootout, is to protect him.

2) Blood in blood out, once you are a member of the clicka, you swear
your loyalty & the only way to leave the gang is through death,
Surside Surenos clicka hasta la muerte!

3) Never snitch, callin la popo is extreme dishonor & any member of the clicka found to do will be punished hard.

4) Never make fatal decisions without el jefe present, e.g no gang
truces, no declaring gang war, only el jefe can speak for the clicka.

5) Respect your rank and know your place, follow orders of higher
ranking members and never give orders 2 members higher then yourself.

6) Never call a gang member with a street name by his real name in front of outsiders, especially el jefe.

7) NEVER let anyone into our hideout & gang hq or show them where it is.

8 ) Never go around the city or to a meeting alone, always have at least 1 member with you to avoid dumb shit that might happen.

9) Never give out any crucial information about the gang or member names.

10) If outnumbered, or surrounded by policia do not shoot back or ask
for backup from other members & risk their lives, just get the fuck
out of there or ask for a ride.

11) Do not go into a rival gangs turf, unless it is a provoked attack
or retaliation, with orders given by a higher ranked loco than you.

12) Never hold gats and cuetes out in the streets, keep that shit
hidden and tucked in case puercos role through, you can only carry your
glock on you, but hidden.

13) Never fight with your own familia, inside problems will be fixed by
el jefe, never disrespect your bandana, never disrespect your colors.

14) When you need to do something, Always be with atleast 1 more
ese, rolling wit` tu`, to where you need to go, We dont want no
problems if some putos catch you alone.


1.You must listen to the faction leaders at all times, if They tell you not to
shoot, or if They tell you not to start a fight, then you pay attention
and follow orders and trust it is in the best interests of the gang.

2. you must be at least level 2 in game.

3. If your application is accepted, you will need to get to know the gang and its members ICly and RP actively and impressively for 1~2 days minimum,
some special cases may be made where it's shorter or longer than this.

4. If you disrespect higher ranked member in the faction, or not do as
your told by higher rank, You WILL without thinking twice -
get PKed / CK .

5. You must'nt be alone while your 'chillin' outside at the city, have a member come with you.

6. You MUST be active on your sureno player.

7. You cant disrespect / insult a member oocly , can result in ajail, and if it keeps, may get to faction uninvite.

8. You MUST know how to RP a mexican, for mexican slang, check google.

9. you need to download&install the gang mod pack.

10. You need to know all the IC rules and listen to do always, so as the OOC ones.

11. If you get AJAILED By admins, for breaking server rules or such, I can consider Kicking you out of the faction.

12. You MUST listen to the server rules

13. If you enter the gang, you must agree to be PK`ed out of it.

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18th Street Surenos -Unofficial-
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