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 Riley_Kiddle [SASD App, Cheif]

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PostSubject: Riley_Kiddle [SASD App, Cheif]   Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:23 pm

Name, First: Riley O'Leary
Timezone:Mountain Standerd
Hours Active:8
Any In Real Life Police Experience? No
Rate Your Maturity: (1-10, 10 being very mature) 8

IC Information

Name, First:Riley
Name, Last: Kiddle

Criminal Background Information

Have You Ever been convicted of a crime?: Yes[] No[X]
If so, What Crime?:

Have you ever been incarcerated?: Yes[] No[X]
If so, what for?:

Have you ever had warrant(s): Yes[] No[X]
If so, why?:

Misc. Information:
The follow must be at LEAST 2 sentences.

Why Do you want to Join us?: I would like to join for a very simple reason. I want to stop people who violate law.

What is your motivation? I think of the famils everyday who are in need. I thikn of the people that could get killed.

Why should we choose YOU? I think you should becuase I will stop crime I will stop familys being torn apart becuase of violence. They will be the ones suffering not the families.
(Please take a meaning-full amount of time here")

Rate Your Skills:
(1 being poor, 10 being great)

"People" Skills:9
Willingness to follow ANY Order:10

RP Quiz

Whats OOC Stand for?: Out of character
Whats IC Stand for?:In Character
What does RP Stand for?: Role Play
What does Meta gaming mean?: using OOC info IC
What does Power gaming mean?: Doing something that would not be Rped

If somebody, had to leave, for a real reason would you be upset and/or what would you do??: I would allow them to go this is just a game.

If somebody was alt-tabbed for a reason, in the road would you stop them?: Wait for them to come back then tell them why its wrong.

What would you do & L.E Quiz Questions

Please define appropriate code response for the below scenario:
A male subject calls in on 911 advising that there has been a vehicle accident. He continued by the scene, and didn't stop to see if there were injuries or not.
(answer here)
place a X in the "[]" box for your answer.

You as a Peace Officer, need probable cause to stop a vehicle?
fill in the "[]" with an X for your answer
Dispatch contacts you and advises you of a verbal dispute. Dispatch advises that it's involving a male and a female. The female called in on 911 and said that her husband hit her because of a dispute involving financial issues. What are the appropriate actions to take in this situation?
a) []
Respond to the scene and issue both the male and the female a citation because you have a more priority call to attend.

) [X]
Respond to the scene and try to determine who the primary aggressor is. Find out if there is any visible injury. If there is no visible injury, counsel both parties and see if it's possible that one party leave for the remainder of the day to cool off.

c) []
Respond to the scene and arrest both subjects because they are arguing in front of you. Cite the subject that you determine to be the primary aggressor at the jail after both subjects are booked.

d) []
Make an arrest based solely on witness statements because they probably saw what really happened and they won't lie.

You are doubled up with another deputy for the night. You 2 get a call of a possible verbal dispute in front of the Sex Shop in Las Venturas. You get on scene, and both parties are separated and kosher. You partner pulls out his baton and starts hitting one of the male parties involved yelling "Stop resiting!". What actions should you take?

a) []
Pull the Deputy aside after the incident and tell him that what he did was not right, and not to let it happen again.

) [X]
Contact your immediate superior as soon as possible.

c) []
Don't say anything.

d) []
Because the Deputy is your friend, do it with him.


Name a Role Model for you:

Vouch 1:

Vouch 2:

Vouch 3:

misc legal information:
SASD Has the right to deny any application for what ever reason what so ever. SASP can also fire, demote and demand your resignation for any reason what so ever. Sign below if your are dedicated to the training stage, and hereby commit all available time to become one of Los Santos' Finest

SIGN HERE Riley O"leary
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Riley_Kiddle [SASD App, Cheif]
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