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 Applcation Format (*Read Before Apply*)

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PostSubject: Applcation Format (*Read Before Apply*)   Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:55 pm


Application Status > OPEN

Available positions:

||Paramedic||: OPEN

|| EMT Basic|| OPEN

With a Career at LSMD, you can make a difference

We need people just like you. At LOS SANTOS MEDICAL DEPARTMENT we believe our team members are our strongest asset. Our ability to provide superior patient care, great customer service and to keep our company growing depends on the continued professional development of our world-class workforce.

As the nation’s largest private provider of medical transportation services, LSMD offers opportunities for growth and advancement in a variety of career paths.

The Company offers reasonable accommodation in the employment process for individuals with disabilities. If you need assistance in the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time. Please contact the Human Resources department at the local office for which you are applying.

[IC] Requirements***
-must be 18 years of age
-must possess at least a high school diploma or equilvilant
-must have a clear criminal back round and drug screening
-must show proof of EMT-B, EMT-I, or EMT-P certificate and license
-must be a US citizen
-must have a valid San Andreas drivers license

[OOC] Requirement Section***
* Must be Level 2. [No Exceptions]
* Must have Ventrilo. [No Exceptions]
* Must have a working Microphone.**
* Must be Patient and Mature.
* Must respect Higher Ranks.
* Must have high standart of roleplay skill.

LOS SANTOS MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Application for Employment


1. Surname:
2. Forename:
3. Date of Birth:
4. Gender:
5. Address and Contact Number:

6. Do you hold a FULL San Andreas vehicle license?:

7. Do you have a criminal record? If so what crimes?:

8. Tell us something about you and why you want to become a part of the LSFD (Explain in detail, 150 words):

9. Do you have any medical training or experience? (If yes, please explain in detail):

9(1). Do you have any fire fighting training or experience? (If yes, please explain in detail):

10. Do you believe you have any qualities that you could bring to the Fire Department that make you stand out? What personal weaknesses do you feel you possess? :

11. In your personal opinion what do you feel you will be expected to do in the Fire Department? Remember that we not only provide Fire services, but also Medical services.


i do solemnly swear that I, [Applicant Name] shall not break any of the San Andreas Laws and Regulations as well as the Los Santos Fire Department Rules and Regulations. I understand fully that I [Applicant Name] will be breaking the law if I do choose to not follow this and agree to have my name passed on for criminal conviction to either the Los Santos Police Department or San Andreas Sheriff's Department.

I do agree to the above statement,
[Applicants Signature]

With Kind Regards,
Commissioner Ryan Bob



12. Age:
13. Nationality:
14. Time zone:
15. IG-level:
16. Real Life Gender:
17. Real Geographical Location:

18. Are you able to communicate effectively in the English language?

19. Do you have any medical or fire and rescue experience or training? (If yes, explain in depth):

20. Why do you want to join the LSFD?(In Detail, 100 words):

21. Do you have any alt accounts? If so please list them with levels included:

22. Have you ever been a part of another faction? If so please list those you have been in:

23. Do you belong to another official faction?

23(1). If yes, please post a link to your double faction approval:

[Post a screen shot of your Admin-History or kicks, jails and bans here.]



If you have any references from a current Member in the LSFD, insert them here.

Member’s name:

Current rank:


Please post any notes you'd like taken into account regarding the application here:


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Applcation Format (*Read Before Apply*)
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